November 4th 2022

Who does it best?


Global Europe


The multipolar world has been challenging Europe since the end of the Cold War. The Russian relapse into times believed to be past is rapidly accelerating the new order of the world. How must Europe reposition itself now? Where are its strengths, where are its weaknesses?
"It is hard to think of another polity that has willed itself into being as an economic power, but has not willed the diplomatic and especially military means to exploit and defend that power."

The American thinker Mark Lilla
raises the question of Europe's character on the world stage.

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is an attack on Europe. European values, democracy.

Some of the richest, most advanced, happiest and most egalitarian countries in the world are being challenged by a country whose men do not even live to 65 on average and whose economic potency is only a fraction of that of the West. The world's elite is threatened by 50-year-old tanks, missile attacks on schools and atrocities against civilians.

In the short term, the Russian threat seems to unite Europe. But what are the medium and long-term consequences of Russian aggression? How must Europe reposition itself politically, economically, militarily, but also culturally to stand up to totalitarian regimes?

In-depth opening discussion

In-depth opening discussion by Vendeline von Bredow, The Economist, with

Vendeline von Bredow, The Economist

Vendeline von Bredow
The Economist

Mark Lilla

Mark Lilla
Professor for Humanities and writer, New York City

Followed by a panel discussion with

  • Sanija Ameti
    Co-president Operation Libero, Zurich
  • Harold James,
    Professor of History & International Affairs, Princeton University
  • Barbara Kux,
    Member of the supervisory boards of Henkel and Firmenich as well as member of the international advisory board of Adobe, Zurich
  • Staffan Lindberg,
    Professor of Political Science, University of Gothenburg
  • Special guests:

  • Michail Shishkin,
  • Peter Stamm,

The debate will also be chaired by Vendeline von Bredow, Senior Germany Correspondent of The Economist.