October 7th 2023

Who does it best?

Clash of Civilization


The war in Eastern Europe is one of the top issues of the year across Europe. Is it really the West against the rest now?

Welcome by Andrea Sorg, Founder European Blend Weekend
Input presentation
Karl Schlögel

Karl Schlögel, Historian for Eastern Europe, Berlin

Jacqueline Fehr

Jacqueline Fehr, Government Councillor of the Canton of Zurich and Head of the Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs, Zurich

Jacqueline Fehr

Caroline de Gruyter, European Affairs correspondent and columnist for NRC Handelsblad, Amsterdam


Barbara Kux, Member of the Board of Henkel and of the Advisory Board of Max Schmidheiny Stiftung, Zurich

Jan-Werner Müller

Jan-Werner Müller, Professor of Politics, Princeton University

Ad hoc analysis

Frank Schimmelfennig, Head of the European Politics Research Group at the ETH Zurich

Thinking AI along
Joachim M. Buhmann

Joachim M. Buhmann, Professor for Computer Science at ETH Zurich

Presented by
Cecile Boutelet, Le Monde

Simon Kuper, Columnist Financial Times, Paris

Language of debate: English and German

Knowledge Partner

Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) at the ETH and University of Zurich